Six Gross Things That Are Allowed in Food

This might make you never want to eat ANYTHING again, but we found a list online of gross things the FDA allows in food.  Here are six things that technically won’t hurt you, they’re just disgusting . .

1.  Ground-up insects.  It’s impossible to prevent it sometimes.  So a jar of cinnamon can have about 400 insect fragments . . . a jar of oregano can have THOUSANDS . . . and an ounce of the stuff in Fig Newtons can contain up to four insect HEADS.

2.  Mouse poop.  There are small traces of it in everything from popcorn to flour.  The FDA only allows about five to ten milligrams per pound though.

3.  Mold.  Lots of foods have trace amounts of it, including ketchup.  But the grossest one might be canned peaches.  The FDA allows up to 3% of them to be, quote, “wormy or moldy.”

4.  Maggots.  A 24-ounce jar of tomato sauce can have one-and-a-half maggots in it.  And some orange juice can have the equivalent of one maggot per CUP.

5.  Rat hair.  It’s found in a lot of spices, but also ends up in peanut butter, chocolate, and pasta.

6.  Cigarette butts.  A tiny amount of random “foreign matter” is allowed in salt, pepper, certain spices, and things like sesame seeds.  And it’s not unheard of for ground-up cigarettes to get in there.