Little Known Facts about Ben Carson

President-elect Donald Trump Trump Ben Carson to be his Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Carson is a former neurosurgeon who believes the pyramids in Egypt were full of grain . . . so yes, I have total confidence that he’s the right man for the job.

  • He’s the Bennie Elton John sings about in “Bennie & the Jets”

  • Was Captain of his stabbing team at Yale

  • Can’t understand why Popeye’s serves chicken and not spinach

  • Had eyes painted on his eyelids so he can secretly sleep during surgeries

  • Always performs the Batusi right before lovemaking

  • Thinks Obamacare is worse than slavery, but better than season 2 of True Detective

  • Shares monogrammed “his” and “His” robes with Jesus

  • Has been sound asleep since 1987

  • Makes Trump look mentally stable