Some things I think I think…..

  1.  Wow….just when you think the Penn State football team can’t pull off any more surprises….they find a way to do it.  No one on earth could have predicted how this season has ended, but everyone in the Lasch building held it together and made their dreams come true…..pretty cool.
  2. Wow….just when you think the Penn State students can’t be any bigger jackasses…..they find a way to do it.  I’m pretty sick of my town being destroyed every time the football team wins a big game by a bunch of idiots who probably have never played a meaningful game in their little snowflake lives.  Mayor Goreham and President Barron MUST find a solution to this despicable behavior.
  3. Maybe we’ll get President-elect Trump to build a wall…..
  4. Congrats it the State Theatre on their 10th anniversary this past weekend.  There has been some INCREDIBLE talent on that stage in the last 120 months!
  5. Oh yeah…Penn State beats Ohio State head to head…in  the division…and in the conference, but the Buckeyes are getting the chance to play for the national title….that make PERFECT NCAA sense to me.