Signs You’re Watching A Bad Christmas Special

There are a lot of holiday TV shows this time of year. But not all of them are classics. Here are The Top Signs You’re Watching a Bad Christmas Special.

    • The real reason nobody lets Rudolph join in their reindeer games is because he voted for Trump.
    • Virginia is crushed to death during the Black Friday rush at Macy’s.
    • Snow Miser is outed after someone hacks into his Grindr profile.
    • It’s called “A Very Alt-Right Christmas”.
    • Santa spends the whole time threatening his Electoral College representative to switch their vote to Hillary.
    • The Three Wise Men bring Baby Jesus gift cards to Panera Bread.
    • Celebrity guest Bill Cosby serves Mrs. Claus funny-tasting eggnog.
    • Santa gets stuck in the first chimney he visits and dies.
    • After defeating the evil magician who stole his hat, Frosty thrusts his fist in the air and screams, “White Power!”
    • The Island of Misfit Toys has been replaced by The Basket of Deplorables.
    • There’s a message on Santa’s red hat . . . Make America Great Again.
    • When the reindeer vote for Rudolph to lead Santa’s sleigh, Jill Stein demands a recount.
    • The guest stars were pre-booked a year in advance, and were scheduled to be . . . Prince, David Bowie, Fidel Castro, and Florence Henderson.