Don’t Toilet Paper the Seat!

We’ve all been there:  You walk into a public bathroom, the toilet seat looks disgusting, so you cover every square inch of it in toilet paper before you allow your pristine butt cheeks to touch it.

Well . . . don’t.

According to health experts, when you cover the seat with toilet paper, it actually makes it LESS sanitary.

When you spread all of that toilet paper out, it increases the surface area for the germs to multiply and get all over you.

Plus, that toilet paper is secretly FILTHY itself.  Since most public toilets don’t have a lid you can close, whenever someone flushes it, millions of little fecal particles swirl in the air . . . and some of them land on the toilet paper.

So what CAN you do to avoid getting other people’s germs on you?  You literally have to squat over the toilet without making ANY contact with it.  That’s going to take some real leg strength and possibly yoga experience.