The Bizarre Skin Condition You’re At Risk For When It Gets Cold

If you use a space heater or an electric blanket when the temperature drops, you’ll want to pay attention. It turns out when your skin is chronically exposed to low-level, infrared heat sources it can get burned. The condition is called Erythema ab igne, or toasted skin syndrome, and heated car seats and heating pads can also cause the issue. The heat can cause damage to your skin’s top layers and the superficial veins that sit underneath. This can result in hyperpigmentation, usually in the form of a mottled, lace-like pattern that follows the veins under your skin. Dr. Mona Gohara explains, “The infrared radiation is creating a toxic insult to the skin. It’s basically one step before a burn.” The condition often makes skin itchy, and over time, could even increase the risk for skin cancer. However, experts say daily use could be putting your skin at risk, but using them only sparingly should be just fine. (Women’s Health