Other Nicknames for Kim Jong-un

 North Korea officials have allegedly requested Chinese authority to stop its people from using a nickname of Kim Jong-un, which indicates he is fat, according to Chinese media.  The supreme leader of North Korea has been known as ‘Kim Fatty III’ among Chinese web users. The nickname ‘Kim Fatty III’, which reads ‘jin san pang’ (金三胖) in Chinese, has been widely used among the country’s web users since Kim Jong-un became the ruler of North Korea in 2011. So what to call him? I’ve got a few suggestions…

  • Unbreakable Kimmy Sh*t

  • Buzz Badcut 

  • Odd Dirty Bastard

  • Jabba the Nut

  • Asian Trump

  • Jongy Dangerously 

  • Khloe/Kourtney Jong-un

  • War Kiminal

  • South Korea’s Bitch

  • That Dude Rodman Dunked On