Lay off of law enforcement

  1.  I’m more than a bit P.O.’d about the way some people are talking about law enforcement officials and first responders.  These people have incredibly stressful and dangerous jobs…get off their backs!  I’m getting a bit sick of all of the “snowflakes” bitching about the way the police are treating them.  Here’s a news flash, geniuses…Don’t do anything wrong and the police will not be forced to respond.  When they ask you to do something, DO IT!  Don’t give them grief, JUST DO IT! They have a job to do…they don’t necessarily want to be out dealing with you and your group, but that’s part of their job.

And, yes, I know some of you will cite instances where the police went overboard.  My response is..First, they are making split-second decisions that could affect          their lives and Second, they are human…they can make mistakes in the heat of the moment.

AND yes, there are some bad apples in the bunch, not necessarily here, but nation-wide.  They need to be removed.


2.  If you’re looking for a terrific thing to do with your child/children tonight, please come out to the Tree Lighting in Downtown State College, beginning at 5:30.  There will be music, stories, cookies, hot chocolate and then…..SANTA!  The jolly old elf will be arriving around 7 to not only light the tree, but to visit with the kids as well.  And I DARE you to not walk away in the Christmas spirit!