Bruce Springsteen Got Stranded When His Motorcycle Broke Down, and Some Bikers Rescued Him

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN got in a little hometown jam over the weekend.  He went out for a motorcycle ride on the back roads near Freehold, New Jersey, where he grew up.



But his bike broke down, and he was temporarily stranded on the side of the road.  That’s when some bikers from the local American Legion saw him and pulled over.  They were on their way back from a Veteran’s Day ceremony.



They didn’t know it was him at first, they were just stopping to lend a hand.  They tried to get his bike started, but it wasn’t happening, so they gave him a lift to a bar down the street while he was waiting for a ride.



One of the guys posted a photo with Bruce on the Freehold American Legion Facebook page, and told the whole story.  He said Bruce was very down to Earth, and that he took down their names and number for a future ride.



Supposedly, Bruce also chipped in $100 toward the bar bill.



Unfortunately, the post attracted a lot of NEGATIVE comments from people who thought they SHOULDN’T have helped him because he supported Hillary Clinton in the election.  (???)  Apparently, this is the world we live in now.



So, the Legion put a disclaimer up front, asking everyone to CUT IT OUT.  They said none of the “vitriol” was from their own members, and that people on both sides need to, quote, “stop the hate.”