Girls Respond Worse To Traumatic Stress Than Boys Do

Girls and boys respond to stress differently, reveals a new study. Stanford University researchers gave 17 children ages nine to 17, 30 of who had PTSD symptoms, MRI scans. The data revealed that exposure to trauma stressed caused changes in the region of the brain that helps control feelings and actions, called the insula. Girls exposed to traumatic stress had smaller insulas than girls in the control group, while boys exposed to traumatic stress actually had larger insulas than boys in the control group. The insula usually shrinks in sizes as children and teenagers grow older, leading experts to believe traumatic stress could contribute to aging in girls. Study co-author Dr. Megan Klabunde said, “The difference we saw between the brains of boys and girls who have experienced psychological trauma is important because it may help explain differences in trauma symptoms between sexes.” (Daily Mail