How to Avoid Buying Junk Food at the Grocery Store

If you always go to the grocery store with good intentions, but end up walking out with a cart full of junk food, listen up. Here are five tips on how to avoid buying junk food at the grocery store.

1. Have a list. Going in with a game plan helps keep you focused. You’re less likely to be tempted than if you’re just aimlessly browsing the aisles.

2. Stay in the outer aisles. The meats, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and health foods are usually located on the perimeter of the supermarket. While the chips, soda, candy, and other processed junk is in the middle aisles.

3. Don’t go when you’re hungry. You’re more likely to buy unhealthy food when you shop on an empty stomach.

4. Shop at your local farmers’ market. There will be MUCH less temptation for junk food there.

5. Leave the kids at home. It’s not always possible to go grocery shopping alone, but it’s harder to say no to bad foods when you’ve got your kids with you.

(Huffington Post)