Study: Women Still Do More Housework Than Men

When was the last time you cleaned the bathroom? New figures from the Office for National Statistics in England reveal that despite the fact that it’s 2016, women are still spending more time doing housework than men are. The data shows a typical British woman spends around a day a week on chores, and does 60 percent more unpaid housework than a man does. For instance, women spend 7.28 hours per week cooking, while men spend just 3.65 hours doing the same, and women spend 4.67 hours per week caring for children, while men spend just 1.89 hours per week on childcare. Using comparable market rates, based on examples such as the cost of eat out or hiring a nanny, the study finds that a typical woman would earn $325.71 per week for her tasks, while men would earn just $209.00 per week. (The Telegraph