15 Things You Need to Do to Be Happy

Some blogger wrote an article a while back that’s been going viral. And she claimed there are 15 things you need to do in order to truly be happy (OTHER than Happy 103, of course!).

Unfortunately they’re not easy fixes, and some people think they’re just not practical. But even if you can do one or two, it might help. Here they are . . .

1. Give up the need to always be right about stuff. It’s okay to admit you’re wrong sometimes, because everyone is.

2. Stop trying to control everything. Sometimes you just CAN’T control things.

3. Don’t blame other people all the time. Try to admit when something’s your fault.

4. Try not to dwell on self-defeating thoughts. In other words, don’t sit around thinking about how you might fail, or coming up with reasons NOT to do things.

5. Stop deciding things are impossible. Which is kind of like the last one.

6. Try not to complain too much. A little bit’s okay, but too much isn’t healthy.

7. Don’t be overly critical. Which goes hand in hand with not complaining.

8. Stop trying to impress everyone. You won’t be happy if you’re constantly worried about what other people think.

9. Stop trying to live up to other people’s expectations. Which is basically the same as trying to impress people.

10. Stop resisting change. Sometimes change is bad, but it’s also inevitable.

11. Don’t get too attached to things, or even ideas. Which is kind of like the last one.

12. Try not to put labels on stuff. Most things are more complicated than that, and you should try to understand them better.

13. Try to conquer your fears. Or at least be mindful of WHY you’re afraid, because sometimes it’s all in your head.

14. Stop making excuses. If you do something wrong, try to make it a learning experience. Don’t just come up with an excuse and dismiss it.

15. Stop worrying about the past. It’s okay to worry about the future and plan ahead. But try to be happy in the moment as much as you can. (PurposeFairy.com)