How to Detox After Eating Halloween Candy All Week

If you’ve been eating leftover Halloween candy all week and you’re feeling like crap now, here are four tips on how to get it out of your system by the end of the weekend . . .

1. Drink more water. Water is a good cure for everything. It’ll help you flush out all the sugar you ate this week and give you more energy to get through the day.

2. Break the sugar addiction. Eating a lot of sugar can make you crave it even more. So to break the cycle, try feeding that sugar craving with some fruits and veggies instead.

3. Eat nourishing foods. After a full week of snacking on sugary processed stuff, it’s time to eat real food. Think lean protein, raw nuts, and vegetables . . . and lots of fiber to clean out your gut, slow digestion, and stabilize your blood sugar.

4. Move more. Get your metabolism going and sweat out all that bad stuff with an intense workout. Or even just go for a walk . . . whatever it takes to get you a little more active than usual.

(Popsugar / CW33)