Have You Been Triple-Checking Facebook Posts About the Election?

Here’s one thing we should all be able to agree on after this election. You can’t blindly trust anything you read on Facebook, because there’s just way too much B.S. on there.

A recent study looked at three major left-wing news sites, and three right-wing sites. And it found that 20 to 40% of the stories they post include misleading information. Plus a lot of other sites just post stuff that’s completely made up.

A lot of the stories you see on Facebook fall into three categories: They only give you half the story . . . they include SOME facts, but a lot of fiction . . . and FAKE stories from websites you can’t trust at all. Unfortunately, those stories tend to get the most shares.

So the best thing to do for the last week of the campaign is be your own fact-checker, and TRIPLE-check everything before you re-post it. Which most people won’t do, but here are two reasons YOU should . . .

1. If you blindly re-post misleading stuff, you’re part of the problem. There’s already plenty of garbage to sift through, so don’t contribute to it.

2. You’ll look dumb if you re-post stuff that’s clearly not true. It’s pretty easy for other people to prove you wrong by just googling it, so YOU should google it first.

And in general, don’t put too much stock in memes that include crazy quotes or statistics. If it sounds too crazy to be true, it probably is. (Buzzfeed / CNN)