Why You’re So Hungry When You’re Hungover

 Hangovers can range from nausea to headache to just feeling plain awful, but being seriously hungry is also a symptom. Accoring to gastroenterologist and weight management physician Nitin Kumar, M.D., this is because “the metabolism of alcohol can alter blood sugar balance by depleting your storage of glycogen, or carbohydrates.” Glycogen is the body’s preferred sourse of energy, so when it’s depleted, you start to feel hungry, namely for things like bread, sugar and salt. Dr. Kumar said that “dehydration can cause salt cravings.” One study published in the journal of Alcohol & Alcoholism found that just three drinks was enough to lower levels of satiety hormone leptin by around 30%. According to dietician Isabel Smith, sipping water and non-alcoholic drinks can help, both in betwen alcoholic drinks and the following morning, stave off dehydration, lessening your craving for salt. Smith also said that “protein and fat help balance blood sugar and promote better satiety.” (Men’s Health)