Biggest Mistakes You Make at the Gym

Here’s something to help burn off all that Halloween candy you’ve been eating. According to these are the top three mistakes personal trainers see people make at the gym . . .

1. Leaning on the handlebars when you use a treadmill or stationary bike. It makes it easier, but you don’t get as good of a workout. It prevents you from engaging your core muscles and your glutes. So you should mostly use the handlebars for balance.

2. Not taking deep enough breaths. Your stomach should go out, not just your chest. Otherwise you don’t get enough oxygen in your bloodstream. And it also matters WHEN you breathe . . .

Like if you’re doing a bench press, breath out while you’re pushing up. If you breathe in or hold your breath, your blood pressure spikes and you feel dizzy. And when you’re running, try to breathe out every time your right foot hits the ground.

3. Only working out your glamour muscles. Meaning the ones you look at in the mirror, like your biceps and abs. People tend to concentrate on those, and forget about the muscles in their back. So do more exercises where you’re pulling instead of pushing.