Questions To Ask Yourself Before Becoming A Massage Therapist

This is National Massage Therapy Awareness Week. Here are The Top Questions to Ask Yourself Before Becoming a Massage Therapist.

  • Will my partner ever trust me when I’m constantly coming home smelling like lube and sweat?
  • Do I get to refuse service based on number and density of skin tags?
  • Can I hide my gag reflex when my hands disappear into the average American’s back fat?
  • If I feel the need to rub against perfect strangers, why don’t I just ride public transportation?
  • Where do you go to learn how to rub people the RIGHT way?
  • Will I get tired of listening to sitar music?
  • Can I make a rule that I’ll only massage someone who’s at least an 8?
  • Do I prefer the term “massage therapist” only because I have no idea how to spell masseur?
  • Besides Starbucks, is this my only other option with my philosophy degree?