Have Sex at the Beginning of Date Night

We see a lot of dating advice, but this is for people who are ALREADY in relationships. The next time you have a date night . . . try getting it on at the BEGINNING of the date instead of the end.

Here are three reasons it might be a good idea . . .

1. It puts you in a good mood. So you’ll be more relaxed while you’re out, and probably have more fun.

2. You’ll feel more connected. Which sets you up for a better date all around.

3. You won’t feel pressured to get it on when you get home. Sometimes you end up eating or drinking too much, and just want to sleep or watch TV. And if you drink too much, you also might have performance issues.

Obviously you can also still get it on again at the END of the date if you want to. You just won’t feel obligated, or like your relationship is in trouble if you don’t.

(CupOfJo.com / NY Magazine)