Things Hillary Clinton Is Thinking On Her Birthday

Hillary Clinton turns 69 today. Here are Things Hillary Clinton is Thinking on Her Birthday.

  • 69 . . . Now if I can just make it through the day without Bill saying anything.
  • I suddenly have an urge to watch “NCIS”.
  • And I STILL look like I can kick Tim Kaine’s ass. Then again, most people look like they can kick Tim Kaine’s ass.
  • Don’t cough.  Don’t cough.  Don’t cough.  Don’t . . .
  • What to wear today:  pantsuit or pantsuit?
  • It was really nice of Goldman Sachs to give me that birthday present of $10 million without expecting anything in return.
  • Two more weeks . . . just don’t keel over . . . two more weeks!
  • I’m like a fine wine . . . I get more corrupt with time.
  • I wish I could eliminate wrinkles as easily as emails.