Some Things I Think I Think……

  1.  We’re doing an A-Z week, all this week, on The Bus.  If you haven’t been listening, you should be because it’s been enabling me to play songs that I don’t normally get to play in the morning.  Why I can’t play them in the morning is beyond me, but I’m taking advantage of it this week and you should, too.
  2. Yesterday, I told you about a Queen discography that’s coming out soon, containing a fast version of “We Will Rock You”.  I’d include it here but, again, for reasons beyond me, I can’t, so you’ll have to look it up yourself.  It’s worth it.  I think I actually like it better, to tell you the truth.  It’s not a new mix…this was recorded in the 70’s but just never used.  Someone found the master and included it in this new collection.
  3. While I’m talking about Queen, please send good thoughts Brian May’s way.  He recently announced that he’s ill and can’t tour until he can get some rest….his actual announcement sounded a little ominous.
  4. To the “rioters” in State College…next time you want to “celebrate”, go to your Mommy and Daddy’s house and destroy THEIR property.  Let’s see if you get punished in THAT scenario.