Reasons You Won’t Be Watching The World Series

The first game of the World Series starts tonight with the Cleveland Indians hosting the Chicago Cubs. Find out why you couldn’t care less with The Top Reasons You Won’t be Watching the World Series.

  • There’s not enough potential for head injuries.
  • You don’t like the umpires constantly declaring people “out.” You think that should be each player’s personal decision.
  • (SPOILER ALERT) You’re too traumatized from the season premiere of “The Walking Dead” to watch anyone else swinging a bat.
  • You’re too worried you might hear “locker room talk.”
  • You’re still binge watching the 2015 World Series.
  • Your wife is a NASTY WOMAN who won’t let you.
  • You’ve vowed to not even turn on your TV until a month after Election Day.
  • Living in Chicago, you’re too busy trying not to get murdered.
  • You’re a sadist living in Cleveland . . . so the only local team you follow is the Browns.
  • You’ll just wait to see it when it gets turned into a crappy baseball movie starring Kevin Costner.
  • You know that just like this year’s election, the World Series is totally rigged.
  • You’re protesting until the team changes its name, to something less insulting to small bears.
  • You won’t miss a thing since you have a friend from Chicago who won’t shut up about it.
  • It’s actually MORE boring than the documentary Ken Burns made about it.