Doing Housework Adds Three Years to Your Life . . . But Only If You’re a Woman

Apparently our immune systems haven’t gotten the memo that it’s 2016, because they’re SUPER sexist.

According to a new study out of the Netherlands, doing housework can add three years to your life . . . but ONLY if you’re a woman. Men don’t get any kind of health boost from doing chores.

As for why there’s a difference, the researchers say it’s because women are more likely to do MORE housework than men . . . AND they put in more effort.

And eventually all that extra work adds up to more exercise and health benefits. Men are more likely to do the bare minimum and then stop as quickly as possible.

But . . . the study also found men who do yard work live about two-and-a-half years longer. And it’s the same principle: Men put in more effort and get more engaged doing outdoor work, so that adds up.

(New Zealand Herald)