FAQs about the Willy Wonka Movie Prequel


  • “Will Johnny Depp manage to ruin this one even if he’s not in it?”

  • “Can we expect a more realistic portrayal of the factory conditions that Oompa Loompas labor under?

  • “Will the Gobstoppers really be Everlasting?”

  • “Will the Oompa Loompas be played by actual Oompa Loompas, or just white actors in Loompa-face?

  • “Can we all stop fat-shaming Augustus Gloop?”

  • “Will we finally get to see more of Luke Skywalker?”

  • “This isn’t going to be with an all-female cast, is it?”

  •  “Is Donald Trump playing a super-sized Oompa Loompa?”

  •  “Is this a remake, a reboot, or just a slap in the face?”