5 Stats on #2

A website called Healthline asked 2,000 people about their toilet habits. And here are the five big things they found . . .

1. 48% of us poop once a day . . . and another 36% do it two or three times a day. But for 6% of people, it’s only once or twice a WEEK.

2. The most common time is in the morning . . . the least common time is late at night.

3. 33% of people use baby wipes.

4. About three-quarters of us have HELD IT rather than go in a public bathroom. The main reasons we hold it are there’s not enough privacy . . . we’re too embarrassed to do it there . . . or the bathroom is too dirty.

5. And finally, 9% of women and 4% of men say there’s NO POINT when you’re dating when it’s okay to poop at the other person’s place. (Healthline)