Top Shows Pitched For Trump TV

Donald Trump wants to launch his own television network. Here are The Top Shows Being Pitched for Trump TV.

  • “Who Wants to Pretend to Be a Billionaire?”
  • “Orange is the New President”
  • “The New Girl . . . Is Flat-Chested, and Therefore a Six and a Half at Best”
  • “Two Groped Girls”
  • “How to Get Away with Tax Evasion”
  • “Law & Order: Special Deplorables Unit”
  • “How I Met Your Mother (Psst, It was Mail Order)”
  • “So You Think You Can Dance Around Questions About Your Tax Returns”
  • “Kevin Can Wait to See My Tax Returns”
  • “The YUUGE Bang Theory”
  • “White-ish”
  • “Two Broke Girls Who Let You Do Anything If You’re a Star”
  • “My Three Sons and One Hot Daughter”
  • “The Amazing Racist”
  • “Full Blouse”