Teen Driver Mistakes

Triple-A just released the results from a new study on teen drivers, and the three most common mistakes they make.  But they’re all mistakes A LOT of drivers make, not just teenagers.

1.  Poor visual scanning.  In other words, you’re just looking at the car in front of you, and not scanning the road ahead of you for potential hazards.

2.  Speeding.  In the past five years, teenage drivers have been involved in almost 14,000 fatal accidents in the U.S.  And over 4,200 of them were caused by speeding, which is about 30%.

But a recent survey found people between 35 and 55 are just as likely to speed as teenagers are.  46% said they sometimes drive more than 15 miles per hour over the speed limit, compared to 45% of teens.

3.  Distracted driving.  That includes everything from texting to talking to passengers, which is one reason teenagers are more likely to crash when they’re driving around with friends.  But adults are actually MORE likely to talk on the phone while driving than teenagers are.  77% say they do it, compared to 68% of teenagers.