Tailgating Accidents That Are Covered by Insurance

This might come in handy when you get drunk and irresponsible while you’re tailgating for the Ohio State game this weekend. Here are four accidents that can happen while you’re tailgating that might be covered by your insurance . . .

1. You accidentally burn your car with the grill. Like if you set it up too close, or you put it back in the trunk while it’s still hot. If you have comprehensive car insurance, you’re probably covered.

2. An opposing fan vandalizes your car. Most comprehensive car insurance policies cover vandalism. So if someone breaks a window . . . rips off a side mirror . . . or keys the side of your car, you’re probably covered.

3. You undercook the food, and give all your friends food poisoning. Their medical bills might be covered by your homeowners or renters insurance. Those types of policies usually include personal liability insurance, and not just when you’re at home.

4. You damage someone else’s property. Like if you’re throwing a football, and it knocks over their grill. Again, if you have homeowners insurance, you might be covered. Or if you break their NOSE with the football, that might be covered too.