Signs Your Boss Is Nuts

Today is National Bosses Day and the beginning of October was Mental Illness Awareness Week. Here are The Top Signs Your Boss is Nuts.

  • All important financial decisions have to be approved by his ferret, Julio.
  • He honestly believes profits can be driven up by human sacrifice.
  • He only takes off one week every year . . . to attend a “My Little Pony” convention.
  • He torpedoed his brand for a presidential campaign.
  • He actually thinks you’re not looking at porn in your cubicle.
  • You’re pretty sure most bosses don’t conclude sales meetings by pounding vodka and tearfully begging the IT guy to slow dance.
  • Every time you turn around, he whips a three-hole punch at your head and then points to the janitor.

  • He can’t get through the word “harassment” without giggling at the word “ass.”
  • He claims there’s a global conspiracy out to get him and routinely uses the word “bigly.”
  • She makes sure the supply closet is full of pens, paper, and jars of cat hair.
  • She gives 15 months of maternity leave to people who adopt cats.
  • The biggest sign? He hired you.