Signs Alex Trebek is Getting Cranky

 On Jeopardy the other night, Alex Trebek said the music one of the contestants likes (NerdCore Hip-Hop) is for “losers”. Here are some other sings that Trebek is getting cantankerous in his old age.

  • He’s really been hitting the “Potent Potables”

  • Keeps waving that gun around

  • Won’t take off the “Make America Great Again” hat

  • When a contestant answers incorrectly, snidely asks, “Would you like to buy a vowel?”

  • 3 a.m. tweets becoming more and more unhinged

  • Ties one on and talks to a portrait of Merv Griffin

  • Been living on nothing but Rice-a-Roni for years now

  • Periodically yells, “Thanks, Obama!”

  • Studio makeup covers swastika tattoos on each knuckle