Twisted Tale 10/11

A Shoplifter Is Busted When His Pants Fall Off As He Runs Away


The cops MUST be sick of writing reports focused on this guy’s butt.



A 45-year-old guy named Columbus Henderson stole two 40-inch TVs from a Walmart in Fort Lauderdale, Florida last week.



But as he ran through the parking lot, his PANTS fell down, all the way to his ankles.   And instead of pulling them up, he just hopped out of ’em and left them behind.



Apparently he didn’t realize his ID was in the pocket though, so when the cops found the pants, they also found out who he was.



They tracked him down on Tuesday, and when they took him to jail, his butt came into play again . . . because he admitted he’d hidden a CRACK PIPE in there.



He’s facing charges for grand theft and possession of drug paraphernalia.