Twisted Tale 10/10

A Woman Is Busted For Dealing Drugs Because of Her Pink Anti-Snitching Sign


The cops in Oak Hill, West Virginia went to a house on Thursday morning, after one of the people who lived there had been spotted JOYRIDING.



But when they got to the door, they found something MUCH more interesting.  A 38-year-old woman named April Lynn Lavender owns the place, and she’d posted a bright pink sign on the door.



It said, quote, “Due to snitches, everyone entering my home is subject to being searched.  All cell phones and drinks will be left outside.  If you’re not a snitch, it won’t offend you if I search you.”



Obviously that made the cops suspicious, so they searched the place . . . and they found a whole bunch of heroin and meth.



April was arrested for felony possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver.  I guess she inadvertently snitched on herself.



And the cops also arrested another woman who lives there . . . the one whose joyriding led them to the house in the first place.