Little Known Facts about Martin Shkreli

The man said to have the most punchable face in America is finally putting it to good use. He is offering to auction one slap or punch in the face to benefit a friend who passed away and leaves behind a child in need of help. The friend was a PR consultant for Shkreli. Before you decide how much that’s worth, consider these absolutely “true” “facts”.

  • Used to beat up kids for their lunch money — and still does

  • His rap name is “Young Greedy Bastard”

  • Childhood lemonade stand was shut down after he charged customers $56,000 a glass

  • Recently “friended” Bernie Madoff on Facebook

  • Once stole an IV bag from a dying man and resold it to him for twice the price

  • Related to Satan on his mom’s side

  • Continues to astound medical science with amazing ability to live without a heart

  • The name Shkreli means “Douchebag” in 27 languages

  • Makes the Trump boys seem likable