Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Google

Google turns 18 today. Here are The Top Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Google.

  • If you can travel back in time, the first thing you should do is buy stock in it. Actually, the first thing you should do is not get married. THEN go buy stock in it.
  • You can find almost anything on it . . . except Hillary Clinton’s emails.
  • There’s a 95% chance that at some point, Google Earth has caught you scratching your privates.
  • Google has spent tens of millions of dollars on research and development. Approximately $1.98 has gone to its homepage.
  • Thanks to Google Glass and self-driving cars, it’s given us cool new ways to identify douchebags.
  • The company’s official slogan is “Don’t be evil,” while the UNOFFICIAL slogan is “Suck it, Yahoo!”
  • Google employees are currently laughing at your search history.
  • The “I Feel Lucky” button doesn’t work for Cleveland Browns players.
  • The value of one share of Google stock this morning was $802.65. Coincidentally, so is Scott Baio’s net worth.
  • Two million searches take place on Google every minute. And even more amazing . . . three of them AREN’T for porn.
  • It’s now officially too old for Anthony Weiner.