Study Confirms: We Gain Weight Over Christmas

It’s fall, which means the holidays are not far off, and that’s not good news for your waistline. A group of Americans, Germans and Japanese participants used WiFi “smart scales” over a one-year period and agreed to let the scale manufacturer use their gender, heigh, country, age, time zone, and weight data. The data reveals that within 10 days of Christmas, the the average weight increased 0.4 percent among Americans, and 0.6 percent among Germans. Study author Dr. Brian Wansink says the increase equates to less than one pound for a 150-pound person, but that the increase was so low because the people using the scales are unusual. They were more wealthy (the scale cost $150), and likely more educated, and more health-conscious than the average person. The data also shows that people who weighed themselves most often lost the extra weight more efficiently. (Fox Pretty sure we all knew this, but now we have scientific proof.