Things To Do For Your Dog Now That It’s Fall

Yesterday was technically the first day of fall, so here are five things you should do to your dog now that summer’s over.

1. Give their coat a good brushing. Running around outside in dirt and sand all summer can give your dog a matted coat, which can cause skin problems.

2. Check for fleas and ticks that might have latched onto them while they were outside, and keep an eye on things throughout the fall.

3. Give them a bath to remove dust, dirt, mold spores, and parasites. And after the shampoo, apply a conditioner to soothe any skin that’s seen too much sun.

4. Do an ear check. Swimming can cause ear problems. If your dog’s ears smell funny, look red, or if they’re scratching them, get their ears cleaned by a vet or a groomer.

5. Check their paws. If you see any signs of redness or irritation on their paw pads, they may have contact dermatitis, or an allergy to lawn chemicals, hot asphalt, or grass seed. It’s also a good time to trim their nails.

(Consumer Affairs)