Signs it’s Fall

Fall began this morning at 10:21.  But even if you didn’t know that, here are some signs to tip you off that autumn has begin.

  • The leaves are turning the color of Donald Trump.
  • Charlie Sheen switches to pumpkin spice crack.
  • You’re working on ways to get out of spending Thanksgiving with your family.
  • You’ve switched from not being able to afford the air-conditioning bill to not being able to afford the heating bill.
  • Jimmy Fallon is asking embarrassingly inane questions to demonic presidential candidates . . . in a sweater.
  • Hillary Clinton is flying around on her broom.
  • Target has put out the Christmas decorations.
  • The leaves are once again changing colors, and Hillary Clinton is once again changing her excuses about her email server.
  • Donald Trump calls Linus a “sad, pathetic loser” for believing in the Great Pumpkin.