Weight Loss Myths

Two doctors at the University of Michigan recently wrote an article where they laid out four myths almost everyone believes about losing weight . . .

Myth #1: You just need to make a few small changes in your diet. It depends on how “small” the changes are. But your body is constantly trying to maintain the SAME weight. So eating fast food three times a week instead of four probably isn’t enough.

Myth #2: You have to set realistic goals, or you’ll get frustrated and quit. There’s actually no evidence that’s true. And at least one study recently showed that having overly ambitious goals might actually help you lose MORE weight.

Myth #3: You should lose weight gradually, because otherwise you won’t keep it off. There’s actually conflicting evidence for that one. And a study in 2013 found you’re actually MORE likely to keep weight off if you lose a bunch all at once.

Myth #4: You can lose weight by having more sex. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t burn enough calories to make a huge difference. The average sex session only last six minutes, and burns about 20 calories. But you burn about six just sitting on the couch.

(The Independent)