Rejected Slogans of Pizza Hut’s Grilled Cheese-Encrusted Pizza

Pizza Hut’s newest product is pizza crust stuffed with Grilled Cheese for 13 bucks. The crust is filled with melted cheddar cheese and there’s butter and bread crumbs on the crust. I understand they discussed the idea of including a pair of defibrillator paddles with each purchase, but that might get pricey. So instead, they’ll need a catchy slogan. We have some suggestions:

  • “Don’t worry. The years it takes off your life will be the bad ones toward the end”
  • “Your move, Little Caesar’s”
  • “We have a pretty low opinion of our customers”
  • “Pizza in name only”
  • “Why would you expect quality food to come from a hut?”
  • “Free diarrhea with every order”
  • “Let us be your rock bottom”