Guacamole + Apples???

Why are we trying to make guacamole complicated? Hipster cred? Trying to be painfully unique? It has to stop.

The “New York Times” bottomed out last July when they published a recipe for guacamole that used PEAS.  Even President Obama mocked them for it.

Well, apparently “People” magazine missed that whole incident, because they just threw their OWN weird guac recipe out there.

It came from George Duran, who hosted “Ham on the Street” on the Food Network . . . which is apparently a real show that aired ten years ago.

And his recipe includes a Granny Smith APPLE.  Quote, “Dicing up the apple and mixing it into the guacamole gives it a nice, subtle sweetness that you’ll crave.”

And naturally, the Internet’s reaction was a nice, unsubtle meanness.  The overwhelming reaction on social media is, in a word, NOPE.

But on the bright side for “People”, at least the president didn’t join in on bashing them this time.

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