Pet Health Care Costs Rise

It’s not just humans that are living longer than ever– cats and dogs are too. The 2016 State of Pet Health report from Banfield Pet Hospital says dogs are now living an average of 11.8 years, that’s up from 2013 when they lived an average of 11 years. Cats are also living longer, on average 12.9 years, which equates to roughly 70 in human years. That’s up rfom 12.1 years in the 2013 study, and 11 years in 2002. Veterinarian and study leader, Dr. Kirk Breuninger, says pets are living longer, primarily due to “education about pet health.” That includes more pet check-ups and medications, when in the past, sick animals might have just been put down. It’s also about better nutrition as gourmet pet foods (which some consider healthier) now account for more than one-half of the U.S. market. To save money on caring for your aging pet, you’ll want to be proactive with preventative care, and get pet insurance. (Time