Things That Are Proven to Help Kids Succeed

A researcher at Johns Hopkins started tracking kids’ in the ’60s. Then he followed their progress for 45 years to see what people can do to help their kids succeed. Here are seven things that are proven to work . . .

1. Praise their effort, not their ability. Or in other words, make sure they know you’re proud of them for TRYING, not just succeeding.

2. Have them tested by a professional. That way you’ll know if they’re not being challenged enough, or if they’re dealing with something like ADHD.

3. Expose them to a wide array of different experiences. The more the better. And try not to shelter them from stuff too much.

4. Talk to their teachers on a regular basis. And make sure you’re on the same page.

5. Help them pursue things they’re interested in and good at. Which might not always be the things YOU’RE interested in.

6. Encourage them to take risks. Meaning teach them that failure is inevitable. And they shouldn’t be afraid of it, because it helps them grow.

7. Don’t use labels like “gifted” around them. Putting a label on them can stress them out, and actually end up holding them back. (The Independent)