Rejected Slogans of Burger King’’s Cheetos-Dusted Chicken Fries

Burger King’s newest weird product is Cheetos Chicken Fries.  They’re fried chicken strips coated in Cheeto dust, available for a limited time only and they go on sale tomorrow.  We’re offering, at no charge, a few slogans they can use to help promote this latest concoction.


  • “Recommended by 4 out of 5 out-of-work cardiologists”

  •  “Like pouring melted Velveeta right into your arteries”

  •  “All sales 100% confidential”

  •  “Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce… but don’’t be stingy with the synthetic cheese”

  •  “Includes elements recently added to the periodic table”

  •  “Not for internal use”

  •  “Kills roaches dead!”

  • “Hey, nobody lives forever”