Ways Parents Overreact to Concussions

A new study found parents take concussions really seriously now. But you can actually be TOO careful. Especially if it’s just a mild concussion. Here are three ways you can do more harm than good . . .

1. Don’t wake them up at night to check on them. 77% of parents said they’d still do it a week later, just to be safe. But once they’ve seen a doctor, you shouldn’t do it at ALL. If they hit their head and feel sleepy, go straight to the E.R. But after that, sleep actually helps them recover. And waking them up can just prolong their symptoms.

2. Don’t ban them from all physical activity. 84% of parents said they wouldn’t let their kid do ANYTHING if they still had symptoms a week later. But light exercise is usually fine. Just make sure they don’t do anything where they might hit their head again.

3. Don’t take their computer or phone away indefinitely. Their doctor might suggest it for a day or two to let their brain rest. But then ease them back into it, or they’ll start feeling isolated and stressed out. Which can affect recovery time.

A recent study had kids go five days with no screen time after a concussion. And they actually felt worse than kids who WERE allowed to use their phones, because all they did was sit around thinking about their symptoms. Just keep in mind that some concussions are worse than others. So definitely talk to a doctor before you do anything. (EurekAlert / Parents.com)