Gary Johnson Excuses

Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson has started getting some attention in the media, but yesterday he blew it.  On “Morning Joe” they asked him what he would do about Aleppo if he was president, and he didn’t know what that was. I know you know, but in case you have to explain it to your ill-informed friends, you should tell them that Aleppo is the city in Syria where most of the fighting is going on, and where most of the refugees are coming from. Here now, the to reason Gary Johnson didn’t know this.


  • Thought Aleppo was one of the Marx brothers
  • “Get all my information from Ben Carson”
  • If they don’t grow weed there, I’m not interested
  • “Didn’t realize there would be geography questions”
  • Thought third party candidates were supposed to screw things up for Democrats, not actually know stuff”
  • At least I know Russia went into the Ukraine!
  • That New York Times pay wall is really messing me up
  • My dog ate my map
  • “Whatevs. My campaign is a joke anyway”
  • I figured if Trump doesn’t know anything, why should I?