Preventing Older Drivers From Driving Could Hasten Their Death

A new study has found that older drivers are not unsafe on the road and preventing them from driving may speed up their death. Although drivers over 70 are more likely to be injured or die in accidents, because they are frailer, they are no more likely to cause a crash, in fact, they are four times less likely to be involved in an accident than 17-21 year old men. Dr. Charles Musselwhite, of Swansea University, said that elderly people who gave up driving were at greater risk from early death and accidents as pedestrians, such as slipping or being hit by a car. Giving up driving ws found to lead to depression and social isolation in older people. Dr. Musselwhite stated, “While people think older people are dangerous on the road, they aren’t. People also think testing old people will make the roads safer — it won’t. We live in a hyper-mobile society, shops and service are further away. Friends and family are further away than previous generations. Giving up driving is linked to increase in depression, health related problems and mortality. So there is something really important about driving in later life.” (Telegraph)