You Might Need to Replace Your Sunglasses

It would have been nice to know this at the beginning of summer. But better late than never I guess . . .

According to a new study, you might want to replace your sunglasses more often, because the UV protection could be wearing off. Especially if they’re cheap and you’ve had the same pair for a few years.

The researchers didn’t actually PROVE it happens with more expensive glasses. They just found there’s never been a study that proves it DOESN’T. So they might be making us all worry for no reason.

But it HAS been shown to happen with CHEAP sunglasses, because they use a UV coating instead of baking it into the actual lenses. So it can get scratched and rub off.

The researchers think there’s also a chance it happens to expensive lenses if they’re exposed to enough sun. But there’s no proof yet, so don’t toss yours in the trash.

And if you DO go out and buy a new pair, don’t get them from a place where they’ve already been exposed to sunlight. Like if they’re on a rack right next to a window, don’t buy them. (