How to Build the Perfect Burger

It’s Labor Day weekend, which means it’s one of your last chances to fire up the grill this summer.  So here are four steps from “The Kitchn” on how to build the PERFECT burger, starting from the bottom and working your way up.

  1. Start with the bottom bun, which should be slightly toasted. That helps it hold your condiments on the bread instead of spilling out.
  1. Condiments come next, but ONLY ketchup and mustard. Mayo has a more delicate texture and it can get lost when it’s layered down below with the other sauces, plus it helps anchor the veggies up top.
  1. Next up is pickles. They go under the meat so their strong, crisp flavor doesn’t overpower the tomato that gets added later.
  1. Add your meat and your cheese, which should be melted. And if you’re using bacon, it should be placed on the meat, but UNDER the cheese.  That keeps it in place and allows the taste of the two meats to mix.
  1. Finally, your veggies. Add tomato, lettuce, and onion . . . then top it with some mayo and the toasted top half of the bun.  And that’s your “perfect” burger.  (The Kitchn)