The Browns Have the Saddest NFL Fanbase (duh).

Cleveland just won its first title in 52 years.  The Cavs might be back in the finals next year… the Indians are putting together a strong season . . . but not EVERYTHING is looking up for Cleveland sports fans.

Because they’re still stuck with the Browns, who’ve been particularly dysfunctional  since the original team abandoned the city in the middle of the night and returned in 1999.

So, it’s not at all surprising that the Browns top a new list of ‘The Saddest NFL Fanbases.’ created the list by ranking each on two factors, historical sadness and recent sadness.

Here’s the Top 15:

1.  The Cleveland Browns

2.  The Detroit Lions

3.  The Arizona Cardinals

4.  The Buffalo Bills

5.  The Minnesota Vikings

6.  The Houston Texans

7.  The San Diego Chargers

8.  The Tennessee Titans

9.  The Jacksonville Jaguars

10.  The Atlanta Falcons

11.  The Tampa Bay Buccaneers

12.  The Philadelphia Eagles

13.  The Cincinnati Bengals

14.  The New York Jets

15.  The L.A. Rams . . . The site admits they’re a hard team to grade, because if you go by the St. Louis history, then they’re very sad now, but they have a Super Bowl to their name.  If you go by L.A., they have their team back, but no Super Bowl.

The LEAST sad fanbase was the Pittsburgh Steelers . . . followed by the New England Patriots and the Green Bay Packers.

( has the whole list with brief write-ups on each team.)