Mistakes You’re Making with Your Online Dating Profile

The new CEO of eHarmony just did an interview where he laid out the four biggest mistakes people make with their online dating profiles . . .

1.  Don’t just have your BEST friend proofread it for you.  You’ll get better feedback from someone who doesn’t know you that well.  And it should be a woman if you’re trying to attract women.  Or a man if you’re trying to attract guys.

2.  Talk about your experiences, not your stuff.  If you want to show you’re successful, talk about the expensive stuff you DO, not the stuff you you’ve BOUGHT.  Bragging about your car or how nice your place is just ends up looking tacky.

3.  Stop posting low-quality profile pics.  Apparently a lot of people use blurry, pixelated photos, and don’t get many dates because of it.  So make sure you use good pictures that are somewhat recent.  And include at least one head shot.

4.  Be specific about your interests, and give examples.  Like instead of just saying the type of music you like, talk about a concert you went to, and why it was so great.